Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects

How to Get Involved

How to Get Involved

Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects supports Hopi sustainability and self-empowerment and provides cross-cultural learning opportunities for all peoples.

We conduct service projects on Hopi Indian lands in support of cultural continuance, self-reliance, self-esteem, self-empowerment and maintaining life (some are listed below).  This changes every year as we respond to Hopi members of our circle’s identification of needs.

We facilitate cross-cultural sharing. We believe that as we share in respect and friendship, valuing diversity, we all learn from each other in this great circle of life. We are a bridge for people to learn about and be inspired by the living earth and indigenous cultural wisdom and for Native people to speak in their own voice.


  • Annual winter food and gift project for Hopi families in several villages.  Includes youth learning aides, elderly toiletries.
  • Hopi permaculture orchard-garden projects to increase local healthy food supply & train Hopi youth.
  • Hopi home repair support to enhance health & well-being.
  • Support for Hopi based-initiatives which are working to restore Hopi traditional farming and healthy diet, economic sustainability, home repair and cultural continuance.
  • Provide supplies for traditional activities
  • We provided 4 playground structures for each of the 4 Hopi pre-school campuses and classroom supplies.
  • Currently provide school kids with learning workbooks, art supplies, sports equipment.
  • Cross-cultural learning: Hopi presentations in Sedona area.
  • Seminars on Hopi and Navajo lands:
    • For non-Hopis, taught by Native people who receive respect, get compensated for their time; and visitors hear an authentic voice of tribal peoples.
    • Programs on topics of interest to Hopi people.
  • Connecting Hopi people

danceBecome Part of Our Circle of Support

  • Make donations: cash, supplies, help, haul
  • Paypal link for one-time or recurring donations on this page
  • Help plan & manage events and fund raise
  • Become a personal sponsor: provide food, supplies to a family one or more times during the year
  • Drive your SUV or truck to haul supplies to Hopi.
  • Help with home repair projects, hauling supplies, garden-orchard projects
  • Host Hopis at your home, or donate to travel costs of presenters in Sedona
  • Help at our information or donation tables
  • Help us increase our network of support
  • Tell your friends about us—sign up for newsletter
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