Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects

Support for Hopi Youth Education and Sustainability of Hopi Lands

Fall 2018 Grants to Benefit Hopi Youth Education & Sustainability of Hopi Lands

Support for Hopi youth education, skills training, and sustainability of Hopi lands are high priorities for our Hopi Projects.

Ancestral Lands Hopi Program Support.

We are pleased to make a donation of $4,000 to Ancestral Lands Hopi.This program provides opportunities to engage local tribal youth and young adults in conservation projects aimed at restoring and stewarding tribal natural resources. Project work includes employment and training for Hopi crews with such projects as geographic information system (GIS) mapping, agricultural work, stream restoration, fencing, trail building, and more. Many of these work crews camp in remote wilderness areas and gain training in technical work skills, as well as valuable professional development in leadership, work ethics, communication, and teamwork.

We feel this is a great investment toward Hopi empowerment plus land conservation and employment.  The Hopi Ancestral Lands Coordinator, Marshall Masayesva, also founded Adventures for Hopi (see Facebook page).  This is a developmental outdoor education training program. Both groups will be combined under Ancestral Lands Hopi. We will purchase $1,000 worth of backpacking and camping outdoor gear for inspiring adventures in self-reliance, conservation, and teamwork in the backcountry.

August 5, 2018 upbeat Facebook post from coordinator: “Ancestral Lands Hopi #633 NCC Crew is beginning to wrap up the season! It’s been another great summer teaming up with AL to offer a pretty sweet experience visiting national parks! Its been a once in a lifetime opportunity to get paid to visit National Parks and learn about what career options are available to you! We had a ton of firsts! First time kayaking, backpacking, camping, and first time job exposure to conservation work! Good job NCC y’all killed it and it’s been a pleasure working with you!”

Hopi Education Endowment Fund

We donated $1,000 to the Hopi Education Endowment Fund which is endowed permanently by Hopi Tribe seed money. Hopi staff funds on average over 120+ eligible students per semester (fall/spring) and close to 30 in the summer. “The end product of their program is a college degree that builds the manpower necessary to carry the tribe forward into the future.”  They also fund special classes at Hopi.