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Hopi School Children Support

October 8, 2016
Hopi School Children Support
Hopi school children support: program supplies, sporting goods, at-home learning tools and play area development.

Learning Aides & Sports Equipment for Hopi school age children
Plus winter coats, clothing and other supplies for kids in special need.

We welcome your support with this. The kids are the future!

We have been providing program supplies and learning activity books and sports items support for the children’s at-home learning since 1999. We have also provided classroom supplies for some underfunded programs in past years.

Many families have kids in need of clothing and nutritional support. We have several times provided beds for kids who were sleeping on the floor.

photo by Jackie Klieger

photo by Jackie Klieger

Become a Sponsoring Friend to a Hopi family

School supplies needed:
Exercise equipment – for pre-school to high school age such as balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, plastic kids’ sand buckets-shovels, kites

Learning workbooks, flashcards (preschool and elementary) writing paper and pencils, pens, and other learning aides

Musical instruments (e.g., drum, maraca, flute)

Art supplies such as paper, crayons, acrylic paints, brushes, painting paper and boards (many youth sell their art), scissors. Older children make can use exacto knives, sandpaper and paints for their carving and rattle making which is part of the ceremonial support and also a way to learn livelihood skills.


Pre-school playground equipment we purchased for 4 playgrounds in 2014: