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Build New Hopi Youth Learning Center

December 20, 2016
Build New Hopi Youth Learning Center

A place for Hopi youth to learn life skills along with traditional Hopi values.

Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects is fundraising in support the vision of Natwanhoym Tunatya, a Hopi service group, to build a Youth Learning Center at 2nd Mesa, Hopi in 2017.  


The group leaders are concerned that many Hopi youth are not learning the Hopi language, or how to farm, and lack training in making Hopi arts. There is no facility dedicated to youth training at 2nd Mesa.  Elders will be volunteer mentors at the center.

Natwanhoym Tunatya’s mission is to create greater sustainability for the future by training youth in:

++ Hopi core values such as respect for all life, to work hard, give thanks for each day, be humble and practice reciprocity and good stewardship of the land and water.

rock art, Hopi, Sedona

Hopi youth on field trip at V-V rock art site, Sedona, with Ken Zoll, Director Verde Valley Archaeology Center. Photo by Jackie Klieger.

++ Cultural and economic skills such as farming, making Hopi art, use of internet to market their art, Hopi language, learning about their ancestral heritage sites, and good stewardship of Hopi lands, including alternative energy.  

Fundraising goal is $25,000.

Your tax-deducible gift will be matched by Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects up to a total of $10,000.

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