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Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects in support of Hopi and other northern Arizona traditional cultures and cross-cultural education: articles, photos, ways to get involved.

Mission: Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects supports Hopi sustainability and self-empowerment and provides cross-cultural learning opportunities for all peoples.

~~We conduct service projects on Hopi Indian lands and other northern Arizona locations in support of cultural continuance, self-reliance, self-esteem, self-empowerment and maintaining life in remote lands far from the economic resources of the modern world. 
~~We facilitate cross-cultural sharing:  we believe that as we share in respect and friendship, valuing diversity, we all learn from each other in this great circle of life. We are a bridge for people to learn about and be inspired by the living earth and indigenous cultural wisdom and for Native people to speak in their own voice.

Sharing in friendship and respect.
photo by Jackie Klieger


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Photo pages

Winter gifting to a large extended family group.
photo by Sandra Cosentino

Susan Sekakaku making presentation in Sedona
on Hopi concept of home.
photo by Sandra Cosentino

On-going Projects:

Hopi winter gifting project to provide food and needed household and clothing items in winter when most needed. All gifting is from a place of respect and thanks acknowledging that Hopi people are carrying on a tradition that is of importance to all the world. For more information.
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Provide support for Hopi home repair projects with special focus on addressing health and safety concerns. We provide funds for supplies and to pay Hopi contractors. The recipient families provide volunteer labor.

Support for orchard/garden installations at Hopi in providing more of their own fresh food by planting orchards, berry vines, herbs and kitchen gardens with low water drips systems, mulching, contouring and other water saving permaculture natural garden techniques.

Support for Hopi school children with learning and sports supplies plus some youth that also are need of clothing, winter coats, and beds.

Cross-cultural education programs in Sedona/Verde Valley area (which is part of Hopi ancestral lands): provide support and coordination to bring Hopi people to share about life today, cultural information, arts, social dances with the interested public to provide a living connection to the descendants of the people who inhabited this valley for so many millenia.

Hopi ceremonial procession of snake dancers on a kiva roof, 1900

Cross-Cultural Exchange at Hopi: Provide the opportunity for schools and other off-reservation groups to perform a designated village service project in combination with a cultural seminar, such as one done by a visiting California Waldorf high school group in 2003. Our goal is to provide some base funding for project coordination, planning and materials so more interested volunteer groups could participate. Native peoples benefit by receiving help with needed infrastructure and respect and interest from the outside world. The village project leader and cultural instructors receive employment. Visitors gain by experiencing first-hand the enrichment that comes from being part of the the community and making a needed contribution.

Provide support for Hopi ceremonial activities throughout the year such as helping with needed supplies. See article Hopi Cycle of the Year.

Provide support for local Hopi groups that are working hard toward greater sustainability in the food system and expansion of Hopi farming, and for other groups working with local empowered to improve housing and economic opportunity.


We accept donations in support of our Hopi projects.
Our office costs, labor and gas are donated by our dedicated volunteers.
Our fiscal agent is Cornucopia Community Advocates,
a 501c3 Arizona non profit corporation based in Sedona, AZ.
Tax-deductible donations are made out to Cornucopia with Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects in memo field.
Mailing address: Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects, PO Box 3288, Sedona, AZ, 86340

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Future Program Goal:

Offer experiential seminars which employ local Native people to share in a natural, experiential way cultural values and wisdom, creative expression (e.g. arts, storytelling, music) on Hopi and Navajo lands and other locations for individuals, families, groups. Our goal is to provide authentic, personalized experiences for teachers, social workers and health care providers and other interested people as well as to provide experiences on the land that will help them de-stress and gain new inspiration and knowledge to take back into their professional and personal lives. In these times of chaotic change, we are all learning from each other as we come together in circles of friendship and respect.




Circles of Sharing



We brought a High School group from New Zealand to visit Hopi High







Sharing a meal, bringing gifts at senior center


Hopi and Navajo
Lands & Peoples and experiential cultural seminars hosted by Native peoples on their lands.
This is Walpi village, built several centuries ago, which is being historically preserved.


Hopi corn roasting in a pit


Youth orchard project


Sandra Cosentino, MS, is the Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects Director.
A native of this land from an Arizona pioneer family, she draws on a lifetime's experience of exploring the Southwest , listening to Nature and sharing friendship and respect with indigenous Peoples. Creator, owner and head guide for Crossing Worlds Journeys, Sandra, M.S., has been offering quality experiences of the Southwest since 1991. Prior to that she was a school teacher, natural resource manager, forest service fire look-out and worked professionally for and with Native American groups.



Deborah Williams is Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects Administrator.
Deborah holds a deep respect for the Hopi people and has been a
dedicated volunteer and supporter of Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects
since 2003.

Deborah owns Sedona Sky, LLC a Web Design, Web Hosting and Virtual Tour company serving the Sedona area since 2003. She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing since 1989 and owner/operator of Ancient Sea Spa Services.



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